Task 1: Conquer your fear

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” as Vivian Greene once had said. This pertains to a specific event in our life that we are thinking of getting out from our comfort zones to discover the hidden beauty of life. Some of us wait for the so called “perfect” timing without even noticing that we are wasting so much time. To be honest, I am one of those people who wasted time, but now I finally decided to get out of my nutshell. Before I tell you how I conquered my fear and have the guts to get out of my comfort zone, I want to share some information about myself.

Who am I?


I am Dia Janessa T. Cervantes, or simply, “Dia.” I am an incoming third-year student from the University of Santo Tomas and currently taking up Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting. I am an 18-year-old girl who loves to play volleyball and take photos. During my high school days until now, my classmates consider me as their National Bookstore for having complete school supplies. Yes, it’s true, I always have the things they need. I’m the kind of person who loves crafts and scrapbook so much. Like how colorful my notes are, I love putting colors to each thing I do and I never settle for the word “Pwede na.” I always aim for something different. When I have spare time, I usually go on a food trip with my friends.

So here’s the start of my storytelling:

Back then, I was just a typical student who has the daily routine of house-school-house. I usually spend my time studying in the library. Having that kind of routine every day I found myself getting easily bored for not having time to relax. While revising our group thesis in one of my subjects, I asked my friend to send me his Curriculum Vitae so I can base the things I’m going to put on my thesis and I’m shocked by his achievements and experiences.His CV inspires me to push myself to my limits and I am amazed by how he managed to be an Architecture student, to be part of the student council and to be a jock in Tiger Radio.Knowing architecture is one of the hardest course to take up, he really does manage his time very well.

So last August 2016, I told myself that I need to get out of my comfort zone and one way is to join organizations. During the recruitment fair in our college/faculty, I joined the Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants, COMELEC, and Accountancy Student Council, but I need to choose one between COMELEC and student council. Choosing Accountancy Student Council was one of the best things that happened to me and a decision I will never regret. I was given a chance to be the Sub-committee Head for Creatives and Design, Operations Division. At first, I questioned myself if I can do the tasks that will be assigned to me correctly. I heard several impressions like why did I chose Operations Division, how hard it is to be part of it, and they will only ask me to buy the things needed for the props.However, I didn’t listen to them and because I have that eagerness in me to serve , I still continued. In the end, I found not just an organization, but also a family. A family who always pushes me to go beyond my limits and explore a wide range of skills that is yet to be unlocked. With all of their support, serving people has now become my passion.

Second-year college became a way for me to be a “bibo” kid. I also joined university-wide organizations like Fotomasino (Photography Organization) and Tomasian Cable Television (a broadcasting organization). Admittedly, I am not that active when it comes to university-wide organizations, especially in Fotomasino, since the events being held are always in conflict with my class schedule. With TOMCAT, I volunteer to be a staffer in two events like the S.T.R.A.W Week and was given a chance to be a photographer at UAAP Cheerdance and Closing Ceremonies. Indeed, being part of TOMCAT gave me different opportunities. Also, second-year college gave me the chance to discover that I can express myself through writing.

And to conclude my story, there are a lot of things I learned from getting out of my nutshell. It is better to explore things rather than sitting in one corner doing nothing. There are opportunities coming on your way that you shouldn’t ignore. Those opportunities will help you grow as a person. As humans, we have a limited time on earth.We should always treasure the moments we experience and cherish them no matter what. As we enjoy, we don’t notice time is running so fast. Remember you don’t need a title to be a leader if you really have the passion for serving others you can serve them with or without the position. So, my dear readers, I hope you conquer your fears and take the guts of exploring experiences.

Why am I a good fit for When in Manila?

Simply because I always keep the fire burning within me. From all the experiences I have encountered in life, I learned how to stand up and faced the challenges that came in my way. I am dedicated to what I do and manages everything properly. I may not be the best writer but I know my passion will never stop me from doing my best. I know being part of When in Manila will broaden my knowledge when it comes to writing and will be a way for me to motivate others to continue their passion.


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