Task 2: Every college students can relate on.

Do you remember the day you were so excited about entering your dream university? When you first thought college is easier than your highschool days. When you are excited to meet new people, have a ‘lil bit of freedom, and study their future field. But after a month in college, you realized that surviving in college is not easy as 1,2,3. There are TONS of problems you need to face for you not to get your diploma and work in your dream companies. These are some of the things most college students can relate

PROBLEM #1: Financial Problem


College will make you really broke due to high tuition fee, costly books, and rent for the apartment. Every college student experiences financial problems because it is hard to cover up your living expenses. If you are given an opportunity to study in college then go grab it. Not everyone is given an opportunity like yours. There are times when you realize that you only have 300 pesos left in your wallet and you need to save it until friday. 

Here are some tips for you:

  • Try to earn extra money.

Look for a part-time job that suits your time. For example, work as a barista in your favorite coffee shop. Create DIYs and sell it online.  

  • Learn how to budget your money.

It’s a MUST for every college student. You need to consider what you really need to buy and what you don’t. Cut down some of your expenses, especially if you’re an avowed shopaholic, like how you cut someone to be part of  your life. (kiddin’)

  • Buy second hand

Look for second-hand books,they are a lot cheaper. Most of the used books are in good quality. 

  • Cheap foods around

 You can save money by not spending too much on fast-food stores because they are expensive and unhealthy. Be a Dora the Explorer and explore different cheap food chains or carenderias, they offer different budget friendly meals for students. If you are studying in UST, I recommend you to try Angkong (located in Asturias St., Dapitan) their siomai is the best and budget friendly. 

Bring packed lunch if you really want to save up money. You might think it’s for highschool students, but mind you it’s free and you have the freedom to choose what food you want to cook. Plus, you are sure with how clean the ingredients are. 😉

PROBLEM #2: Chosen course


Many college students are still confused with their program. Some chose the course they are in right now because of their parent’s preference. Well, it is hard to do what you don’t like doing. Example, you are currently an accountancy student during your exams you get very low grades or worse a grade of “F.” If you are having a second thoughts of changing your program here are some tips you need to consider: 

  • Think of the things you want to do

Get out of your comfort zones and explore what are the things that pushes you to your limits. 

  • Reflect on what you want to be.

Ask yourself if you really want to continue the program you are in right now. Try to think of the times you struggled for a certain major subjects during your previous semesters and weigh if you really want to continue it or not. 

  • Seek advice 

Ask your family and friends if you are perfectly fit in your course because they know you well and they can see what your interests are.

PROBLEM #3: Time Management


Each student has different types of learning competence. Some are fast learners and some are not. It’s completely fine when you try to learn things and it doesn’t come simply for you to remember and grasp them.

Cram /kram/

 v. – study intensively over a short period of time just before an examination

Time is GOLD in college; you need to balance everything. Sometimes, you cram the things you need to do, however remember that cramming will not do you any good. 😉  

  • Use a planner.

It can help you manage your deadlines and you won’t forget to do it. You don’t need to buy an expensive planner go get a notebook from your previous school year and design it with your aesthetics. NOTE: Show them your Vincent Van Gogh creativity. 

  • Plan what you need to do ahead of time.

 PLAN. PLAN. PLAN. Yes, plan the necessary things you need to do like how you plan your night-outs with your friends. 



Stress is normal for all students. College will give you tons of school works and stress so be ready. At times you will experience being emotional, mentally and physically tired. You need to know how to endure it even if it hurts so much.

Dealing with stress:

  • Set goals.

It is essential to set clear objectives for everything you do. It will help you concentrate on your end goal. 

  • Calm down.

Darling, panicking will not help you. You don’t want to look like Sisa, right? Stop overreacting. Learn to relax and just eat your favorite foods. 

  • Avoid giving yourself overload works.

STOP giving yourself a lot of works because you might end up crawling like a snake on your way to school and look like a zombie. 

  • Study 2 to 3 weeks before your exams.

Studying in advance will let you remember the things you have studied. You will not have to cram the things you need to finish studying and you’ll have extra time to watch movies. 

  • Learn to give yourself a reward.

Binge watch your favorite series or movies or read your favorite novels. You can also go on a date with yourself at SM, museums, or amusement parks. You can sing your hearts out on a karaoke if you want. 

PROBLEM #5: Lack of Confidence


Have you ever wonder what do it feels like to be the hyper student in your class? That you don’t need to sit down and just watch your witty colleague delivers his/her puns. Not all students can show their 100% confidence level like a famous comedian, but hey here are some tips to boost your inner self :

  • Avoid having a negative mindset.

Don’t be the kontrabida in your own dreams. Let them see how positive you are in the same way when you get an A+ in your exams. 

  • Don’t mind what other people say just do your best.

It will only make you feel annoyed by their criticisms about you. They are only insecure to what you can do. So just show them what you’ve got and prove ’em wrong. *wink wink*

  • Don’t judge yourself.

If you’re judging yourself, your self-esteem will decrease – your 100% suddenly falls down into 1% – and that’s bad. Remember what Pia Wurtzbach said during the Miss Universe Q&A “……confidently beautiful with a heart.” Keep in mind that you are beautiful inside and out.


College gives you different opportunities to hone your skills and make you a mature person. It teaches you the pros and cons of life. Always remember everything you experience is like one hella ride of a roller coaster. Don’t forget to have fun with your college life even if it’s testing you so much. So, chin up darling and be ready to face the challenges that await you. 😉 


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