Task 3: A Glimpse of Okada Manila

It’s better to have a breather after a long, tiring, stressful days on academics and on work. A day where you can escape from your problems and stress from all the stuff you need to finish. Some plan to have an out of town trip with their family or friends, but if you’re looking for a staycation destination that is near you that you don’t need to go outside of Metro Manila. Also, if you are looking this long holiday to have a getaway and relax. I know a place you should try for your staycation trip.


Okada Manila is what you are looking for. It is located at New Seaside Dr., Entertainment City, Paranaque and three kilometers away from Ninoy Aquino International Airport. A 44-hectare picturesque oceanfront and named as the most luxurious hotel and casino and Manila’s greatest hotel.


Remember when you are just a little child dreaming of becoming a princess or a prince and living in a castle. Okada Manila will relive your childhood days. As soon as you enter Okada, you will feel like you are Princess Jasmine from the famous Disney’s movie “Aladdin.” With those big domes hanging from the ceiling, splashes of pink and gold color, and various elegant decors, you’ll see a well-executed lobby. It brings you to your Arabian Nights fantasy. Not just your childhood days will go back when you go at Okada, but also your dream of traveling to Japan. If you don’t have enough money to travel to Japan because it’s a bit costly then try to visit Okada Manila because they will be the one to bring you to your dream Japan tour because of the Sakura-themed lobby and the cherry blossoms decoration around the hotel.


One thing that you’ll never regret seeing in Okada Manila is The Fountain. Similar to Bellagio’s fountain in Las Vegas, however, Okada Manila’s fountain is a lot bigger and considered to be the world’s largest multicolored dancing fountain. (Yes, Philippines have it and not Dubai) It is capable of moving with rhythms as the music plays and shifts its color. According to a staff, it takes one month for one song to be executed.

Here’s the schedule of the fountain:

Catch them every Monday-Sunday from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.



They have various in-house performers which perform different stunts/talents. World of wonders performs from Friday to Sunday at 8pm in the floating stage in The Fountain. 


Have you heard about the 3D projection mapping in UST’s Paskuhan 2015? Okada Manila has it’s own projection mapping too. It can be seen on a curved glass ceiling near the entrance for The Fountain. The mapping show plays every Friday to Sunday from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm on the evening. Before the show starts to grab some snacks and drinks and enjoy it while watching.

Filipinos are known for being food lovers and shopaholic. Who doesn’t love eating and shopping right? Well, they have 50 retail shops in the hotel featuring different local and international luxury brands and over 21 dining options that offer different international tastes for your cravings. They will make your stay worthwhile.

If you’re planning to have an overnight check-in, they have 993 suites which give you a view of Manila Bay and The Fountain. The room will make you feel like you’re a VIP guest because of its aesthetics and its advanced equipment. Okada Manila is not fully finished yet. There are a lot more you can expect with this hotel because they are currently constructing Cove Manila (an indoor beach). Also, they have several rooms if you’re planning to hold a meeting and three ballrooms that can be used for events although two of them are currently under construction. For relaxation, they also offer spa and if you’re feeling to go on a rave night they have different clubs where you can chill and show your inner talent for dancing. 

Overall, Okada Manila will give you the staycation you want to experience. Their staffs will welcome you whole heartedly and they’re very approachable. Okada Manila is something that everyone can enjoy from entertainment, food, retail shops, leisure, and gaming.


For booking reservations and inquiries:

Okada Manila

New Side Drive Entertainment City

Paranaque, Metro Manila, Philippines

Website: http://www.okadamanila.com

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.


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