WRAP UP 2017

2017 was the most exhausting year. Everyone's wishing to end this year already. Eyyyyy, our wish will do come true in a couple of hours. *wink wink* Many good and bad things happened this year. Oh well, it's definitely normal. For me, 2017 was the worst and the best thing that ever happened to me. … Continue reading WRAP UP 2017


Paskuhan 2017

After a stressful semester, we usually look for a breather to enjoy  and forget those tiring and sleepless nights of academics and exams. One event every Thomasian is looking forward to  is the Paskuhan. So last Wednesday, December 20, University of Santo Tomas had its annual Christmas celebration called Paskuhan. This year’s event is inspired … Continue reading Paskuhan 2017


After highschool graduation, we took different paths and universities. It’s nice to be reunited with them again after a long time even though we are not complete. It brings back all those highschool memories of laughters and memorable highschool moments. I’m happy seeing everyone doing their best to excel in the program they chose in … Continue reading AmorDay

Task 2: Every college students can relate on.

Do you remember the day you were so excited about entering your dream university? When you first thought college is easier than your highschool days. When you are excited to meet new people, have a 'lil bit of freedom, and study their future field. But after a month in college, you realized that surviving in … Continue reading Task 2: Every college students can relate on.